1. How can I get a list of summer reading program?

  2. How can I get an updated product list?

  3. How can I get a review copy?

  4. What available medical books?

  5. What services does Dar Al Jadawel offer to Universities?

    Course adoption assistance – you can tailor the content of your educational materials to meet the specific needs and curriculum of your institution. This includes digital content and learning management systems.

    Catalogues – updated lists of our available titles enable you to browse or search for particular products

    Recommendations – we don’t just leave it up to you though. Our team has extensive experience matching textbooks and other resources with the needs of institutions and courses. If you need help finding the right materials, our team will assist. This often involves setting up meetings between members of your team and representatives of international textbook publishers.

    Customisation – customised editions of textbooks can be supplied that feature the logo of your university. The textbook will contain content as prescribed by you, and developed under the supervision of international publishing specialists.

    Review, desk and exam copies – do you need a desk copy of a particular textbook for instructors, professors, book reviewers, or other faculty members? Or do you need an exam copy, or a review copy? Complimentary copies of textbooks are available from us whether the textbook has been adopted, or is under consideration.

    Instructors’ training – we also provide training for your instructors in the accurate and effective use of screening and assessment tools. Instructors’ guides are also supplied to help teachers spark classroom discussion. Academic consultation visits can be arranged too.

    Up-To-Date Resources

    At the core of our offering is the range of educational textbooks and resources that we supply. The products are available in print or digital formats and cover all disciplines, fields and sectors of study including in humanities and science courses, as well as technical and medicine courses.

    You can choose to supply the students directly, or we can set up outlets on campus where students can purchase their materials. We can also arrange promotional book fairs at a location of your choosing.

  6. What services does Dar Al Jadawel offer to Schools?

    What we can do to Schools:

    The range of products that we offer to schools covers every level of education. This includes pre-school level materials up to and including IB supplements and materials to help young adults with university preparation.

    We can provide you with a comprehensive package that includes everything that you need in one, easy to manage solution:

    School textbooks

    Course books

    Corresponding library materials

    And more

    These comprehensive package solutions save you time, and ensure that all of the materials are integrated seamlessly into your curriculum and workflow. But we can also offer curriculum specific products. This includes materials for:

    IB curriculums

    PYP curriculums

    MYP curriculums

    E-content curriculums

    In addition you can get a range of teacher training programmes and academic courses. We work with our publishing partners to deliver these solutions so that you can offer your teaching staff ongoing development opportunities. We also work with teachers in training, and we work with newly qualified teachers. The training programmes cover a number of topics including:

    Collaborative inquiry

    Current research

    Educational philosophy

    The theory of effective educational techniques and how they can be applied

    Pedagogy, and the latest developments in educational best practice

    Practical resource advice and guides that can be used in the classroom

    These programmes cover the topics that are the foundation of effective teaching in Saudi Arabia today.

    Tailored Solutions

    Every school in the country has a common goal – providing the best possible education for their students – but every school is different. That’s why we provide tailored solutions for all our clients.

    Our sales representatives will work with you to ensure you get the products and services that suit your needs, and your budget. This includes organising things like school visits so you can discuss the options in more detail, or product presentations. You can also get review copies of books and other useful assistance, such as summer reading lists.

    In addition your sales representative will also help you select the right products, if required. They all have extensive experience in the sector and will conduct in-depth searches on the materials available for your specific course or requirements.

    Give us a call today to find out how we can help your school, and to arrange a quotation. You can also request an up-to-date list of the textbooks, reference books and other educational materials that are available. Call today.

  1. How can I get my order in a short notice?

  2. Can you deliver from ore than one publisher at the same time?

    To ensure the best and most cost-effective delivery options, Dar Al-Jadawel has a dedicated clearing agent in the Kingdom as well as a global network of shipping partners. Through these partnerships we can consolidate your orders from different publishers into one order and deliver it to your doorstep.

    We provide reliable, cost-effective shipping to any place in the Kingdom.
    Time of delivery for products ordered from U.S. and U.K. is a standard range between 6-8 weeks; and courier shipping is always an available option to meet customers’ urgent purchasing needs.

  3. How long does it take to deliver books?

    Your Dependable Partner

    A key part of the service is timely delivery. We know how disruptive it is for teaching staff and for students when materials are not available at the beginning of a course. When you work with us we will agree a specified window, and we guarantee that your orders will be shipped within that timescale.

    We can even help if you are on a tight deadline – give us a call for more information.

    Our ordering process is straightforward. You can place orders by telephone, fax or email. If the book is on backorder, or is out of print, we will let you know as soon as possible. We will then follow up with the publisher to make sure you get the book with minimal delay. All our orders are tracked, whether they come from publishers in the US or the UK, and we will keep you informed of expected delivery dates. Products coming from the UK or US typically have a six to eight week delivery time.

  1. How can I set a training program for instructors?

  2. How can I customize a book?

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